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Hannah LeAnn Lawson

My passions include writing, storytelling and serving my community. I hope to tell stories that create an impact and inspire others to do the same.


Bring Them Home

KHOU 11 News and are shining a spotlight on the issue of missing and endangered children in the Houston area on May 25, National Missing Children's Day. We are committed to dedicating the entire day to spotlighting missing children on all of our platforms. If you have seen a missing child, contact the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Link to Story

United Airlines boots bride and groom traveling to their wedding from half-empty plane

A bride and groom headed to Costa Rica for their wedding Saturday got kicked off a United flight out of Houston following an issue with seating on the plane. Michael Hohl, the groom, said he and his fiancé, Amber Maxwell, were the last to board United Airlines Flight 1737 which was headed from Houston to Liberia, Costa Rica.
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Compensation for Professional Cheerleaders

The professional sports industry in the United States brings billions of dollars in revenue each year. Although the players receive large salaries and contracts, the women who perform during each game have been reported in many instances to be paid less than minimum wage. In California, Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez has introduced a bill to change that.

Golden Years, Housing Fears

In California, the average annual income for women over the age of 80 is about $26,000 and this number decreases if widowed or divorced. In the Bay Area where the costs of living continue to rise, many senior women are opting to share rooms in their homes in order to make extra income and remain financially stable.

Caught on Camera: Pink dolphin playing in Louisiana ship channel

And one was caught on camera in a Louisiana ship channel over the weekend. Bridget Boudreaux says she spotted "Pinky" while taking a boat cruise with her husband in the Calcasieu Ship Channel near Hackberry on Saturday afternoon. "I about fell out the boat," said Boudreaux. "I was like wow that's not a regular dolphin, that's a pink dolphin." Link to Story

#HTownHoods | The Silos at Sawyer Yards

HOUSTON - If creativity and interactive art piques your interest, a trip to The Silos at Sawyer Yards in the Washington Avenue Arts District is long overdue. The creative studio project, located on 1502 Sawyer Street, is about 66,000 square feet and features more than 55 work spaces for studios, galleries, retail and more. Link to Story

Best of Houston: Sweet Treats!

HOUSTON- If you are on a diet, this article is not meant for you. Whether you prefer a pastry, cupcake, apple pie, or just anything with sugar; Houston has some of the best bakeries and dessert shops to satisfy any sweet tooth. Below is a list, created from KHOU 11 viewer's picks, of the best places in Houston to get your sugar fix: Link to Story

51 FREE things to do in the Houston area

As the fourth largest city in the country, Houston offers its residents and visitors exciting things to do and places to see. Link to Story

Hannah Lawson Reporter’s Reel 2016


Best of Houston: Juicy, delicious burgers

Houston is known for its delicious food from Tex-Mex to BBQ, but it is also home to some of the best burger joints. Below is a list curated from Houston foodies (KHOU 11 viewers) with hamburgers that will not disappoint. Link to Story

Behind the Pulpit: Pastor Phyliss Scott

There are more than 69,000 black churches in the United States. Despite the majority of their members being women, those who stand in front of the pulpit historically have been men. Pastor Phylliss Scott chose to answer her calling into ministry and form her own church in Oakland, CA despite religious criticism.

Oakland Community Block Party 2015

Each year, the Eastside Arts Alliance host a community block party in East Oakland to celebrate culture and the arts. This year the party focused on engaging the community in conversations about gentrification and marginalization. Here is a recap of the party.


Hannah LeAnn Lawson

I recently received my Master's in Journalism from UC Berkley. I am also a graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. My goal is to create engaging content that truly impacts my community and inspires others to do the same. Although born and raised in Texas, I am a proud Tar Heel and Berkeley Bear! Currently, I work as a Digital Assignment Editor/Producer for CNN Newsource Digital.